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Season 10 - 2014/15

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Next Event: DHPL Event #9

Date Time: 7pm Friday, Mar 6, 2015

Location: Arizona Room, Eaglequest Coyote Creek Golf Club, 7778 152nd Street Surrey, BC

Darren: darrenkennedydk@gmail.com, 778-870-6319


Tourney Dates (all start times 7pm)

  1. xSaturday September 13
  2. xFriday, October 3
  3. xFriday, October 24
  4. xFriday, November 14
  5. xFriday, December 5
  1. xFriday, January 9
  2. xFriday, January 23
  3. xFriday, February 13
  4. Friday, March 6
  5. Friday, March 20

LEAGUE FINAL Friday, April 10

2015 WSOP $10,000 Main Event and 2015 WSOP NLH $1000 or $1500 Event Rio in Las Vegas

League members should all be paid up and thus require only $50 for this event ($50 cash), and non-league members need to bring $60. There will also be a $50 last-longer for anyone that’s interested.

Harry Aujla

Mario Baptista

Guy Bottin

Dan Cassidy

Gavin Curley

Chris Fraser

Colin Genge

Richard Getty

Roger Grosset

Jamie Hucul

Garry Juvelin

Mark Juvelin

Darren Kennedy

Kal Kooner

Trevor Massey

Bruce McCallum

Mike Menkes

Jason Nadeau

Adrian Nelson

Elton Ngan

Ryan Ruocco

Dave Sims

Steve Tamboline

Brant Taylor

Rob Wright


January 30, 2015: Nick Simon Wins Event #8, Colin Genge Takes Points Lead

Nick Simon dominated from start to finish accumulating lots of chips early and riding it out to the victory. He beat Mike Menkes heads up for the title after a fairly long 3 handed battle including Colin Genge. A couple of usual faces in the points including Mr. Consistency Rick Rohrback once again putting up points making it points in all 8 events this year. Colin followed up his back-to-back second place finishes with a third place which was good enough to take a sizable point lead for the guaranteed prize.


But there were newer faces as well. We had 6 players without points coming into the night and of the 6 only Elton Ngan remains pointless with Bruce Lawson, Bruce McCallum, Brent Senko, Guy Bottin and Kal Kooner all notching their first points of the season.


The finishers were: Nick Simon ($1,040), Mike Menkes ($720), Coling Genge ($460), Garry Juvelin ($320), Curtis Davey ($270, non-league), Ian Deak ($220, non-league), Bruce Lawson, Guy Bottin, Mike Farnese, Tyler Marples (rebuy), Wayne King, Andy Bhatti, Roger Grosset, Derrick Shum, Andrew Krywaniuk, Brent Senko, Darcy Woodward, Ramiro Dominguez, Mike Wigglesworth, Kal kooner, Rick Rohrback, Bruce McCallum, Bob Deforest.


January 30, 2015: Brant Taylor Wins Event #7, Colin Genge Runner-Up Again

A lot of the same with Colin Genge finishing second again just like the last event and Rick Rohrback making the points for a record 7th straight tourney. Something new however Brant Taylor winning outright with no chop. We had 73 entries in Event #7 and some solid poker combined with the usual suckouts. The pointes lead remains at 17,500 with Colin Genge joining Paul Deol at that level. The race has tightened greatly however with now the top 9 all within 5,000 points of that coveted guaranteed WSOP package.


Also a full 4 people got off the schneid by getting their first points of the year, although for 3 of them it was just the minimum 500 points.


The finishers were: Brant Taylor ($1,040), Colin Genge ($720), Mike Farnese ($460), Andrew Creed ($320), TJ Johnston ($270), Trevor Massey ($220, re-entry), Richard Stewart ($180, non-league, playing for Mike Martin), Ray Rohrback, Rick Rohrback, Chris Buss, Dean Hilts (non-league), Steve Tamboline, Ted Hill (non-league, playing for Mike Honeyman), Chris Genge, Mo Pannun, Roger Grosset, Jamie Hucul, Ramiro Dominguez, Chris Nishi, Scott Brynen.


January 13, 2015: Richard Wardroper Takes First in Event #6 – No Sub Required

Richard Wardroper whose sub took the 10k points in Event 5 only to have it retracted when it was realized that he had already had 2 subs in prior events, decided to be certain this time and just win the tournament himself. Richard chopped the money with Colin Genge and Rod Seitz before outduelling Colin for the 10k points.


Mr. Consistency, Rick Rohrback made the points again falling in 10th for 2,000 points. This is a perfect 6-for-6 in-the-points finishes this season and his drive for a perfect season continues.


The battle for the points lead is extremely tight with Paul Deol holding a 4,500 points lead but 2nd thru 14 are separated by only 3,500 points. This really is anyones game at this point.


A very interesting hand saw Trevor Massey KO’d by I believe Richard Wardroper with AJ < QTdd. The flop came down AdJdX, the money went in and then the board ran out KdAs. Richard’s Royal Flush beat Aces full.


The finishers were: Richard Wardroper ($750), Colin Genge ($750), Rod Seitz ($750, non-league), Todd Breneis ($360), David Slater ($290, non-league, playing for Steve Tamboline), Ryan Fritz ($230, non-league), Roger Grosset ($180), Johnny Dai ($140), Dan Molatore ($100), Rick Rohrback ($100),Trevor Massey, Andrew Krywaniuk, John Forsythe, Mike Mittermuller, Mike Bigelow, Jeff Scott, Paul Deol, Ben Walker (rebuy), Ed Sue, Darcy Woodward, Mike Menkes.


December 11, 2014: Hendon Mod Poker Db now Posting DHPL Results!

In what can be only termed as a very cool result for our league, The Hendon Mob database which is the gold standard for recording poker tournament results worldwide is now posting all Die Hard Poker League Results. What this means is that anyone who has ever cashed in a DHPL tournament now has a poker profile on Hendon Mob right up alongside the Negreanu’s and Hellmuth’s of the world. If you are interested in your profile please take a look at the link above. From there you can search your own name and check out your results.


December 8, 2014: Event #5: Harry McWilliams and Hanna Nguyen Chop, Jeff Scott takes 10k Points

Harry McWilliams on a rebuy and Hanna Nguyen chopped up first place money. Hanna made a mistake while we were at the 10 handed final table. At 3000/6000 Harry opened up all in for 87,000 chips. It folded around to Hanna in the small blind who obviously did not notice and announced raise while putting out 16,000 chips. Because she had verbalized raise she needed to min raise which meant 81k above the 87k allin effectively putting her allin. Her 76o did not improve and she lost to Harry’s 99 giving Harry a massive chiplead. Left with under 40k chips, she got aggressive and it paid off. Soon Hanna and Harry were headsup and enarly dead even in chips. They made the deal and chopped first and second place.


There was some other interesting drama in this one as everyone went out thinking they got one place lower than they actually got as Hanna Nguyen was supposedly playing for Richard Wardroper and she therefore got him 10,000 points. However after checking the standings page I noted that Richard had already used two subs. Therefore everyone bumped up a spot including Jordan Kroeker who thought he had bubbled the points. He gets 500.


In other news both Rick Rohrback and Dave Sims snuck into the points making Rick 5 for 5 in-the-point finishes and Dave with points in 4 of 5 events. Consistency!


The finishers were: Harry McWilliams ($1015, rebuy), Hanna Nguyen ($1015, non-league), James Logan ($560, non-league), Jeff Scott ($410), Chris Fraser ($310), Bob Deforest ($250, rebuy), TJ Johnston ($200), Mike Twitchell ($140, rebuy), Bruce Lawson ($100, rebuy), Darren Kennedy ($100), Howard Holt, Mo Pannun, Bruce McCallum (rebuy), Steve Tamboline, John Forsythe, Lance Murdoch, Dan Molatore, Rob Sims (rebuy), John Alexander (non-league, playing for Colin Genge), Garry Juvelin, Mike Farnese, Ramiro Dominguez, Mike Johnston, Rick Rohrback, Dave Sims, Jordan Kroeker.


November 16, 2014: Event #4: Ben Walker Wins, Chops Cash with Ryan Watkins and Cory Breland

This tourney set a record for fewest rebuys with only 6 people opting to reply although a total of 15 people busted in time to rebuy. The tourney had a couple of players build big stacks early including Grant Willis and Steve Tamboline, but although they did both ride those stacks deep into the tourney it were players that had relatively shorter stacks that ground it out to the final table and then ran hot when it counted. Ben Walker would ultimately win the tournament though with 3 left they opted to chop the cash as they were all extremely even in chips. Ben survived an earlier must win all in flip with AK > JJ of Lyle. He would ride those chips to the Final table where he would pick up Aces in quick succession and get two KO’s when the bullets held up. Timing is everything and Ben made the most of his.


Ryan Watkins notched his first cash in the DHPL after 3 years in the league and it was a good one at $770. Grant Willis notched his second ever cash and Cory Breland, the cashing machine, added another to his total. Ed Sue, who won the last event also cashed again and a final note was Paul Deol NOT cashing for first time this season, letting a few others take some cash home.


The finishers were: Ben Walker ($770), Ryan Watkins ($770), Cory Breland ($780, non-league), Rob Sims ($380), Grant Willis ($300, non-league), Ed Sue ($250, non-league, playing for John Forsythe), Todd Breneis ($200), Kent Senko ($150), Jordan Kroeker (rebuy), Mike Twitchell ($100), Hanna Nguyen (non-league, playing for Richard Wardroper), Mo Pannun, Trevor Massey, Derrick Shum, Mike Honeyman, Dave Sims, Dylan Ruocco, Norm Dergousoff (non-league), Steve Tamboline, Rick Rohrback, Darren Kennedy, TJ Johnston, Ray Rohrback.


November 9, 2014: Ed Sue and Richard Wardroper Chop Event #3, Dave Sims Takes 10k Points

In a tourney that drew in 91 buyins and paid the final 11, we had a first. Dave Sims was able to get 10,000 points by finishing in 4th with the top 3 finishers being non-leaguer Ed Sue (1st) who chopped first place with Richard Wardroper (rebuy, 2nd) and 3rd place finisher Bruce McCallum also on a rebuy. Ed Sue locked up his 3rd DHPL Tourney Win.


The finishers were: Ed Sue ($1,050, non-league), Richard Wardroper ($1,050, rebuy), Bruce McCallum ($600, rebuy), Dave Sims ($440), Mike Honeyman ($340), Andrew Krywaniuk ($270), Lyle Wingert ($200), Rick Rohrback ($160), Mike Felhauer ($140), Chris Genge ($100), Paul Deol ($100), Roger Grosset (rebuy), Cory Breland (rebuy), Ben Walker, Grant Willis (non-league), Chris Fraser, Chris Buss, Everett Wicklund, Jason Nadeau, Harry McWilliams, Doug Crone (non-league), Rob Sims, Mike Wigglesworth, John Forsythe, TJ Johnston.


October 22, 2014: Johnny Dai and Mike Martin Chop First in Event #2, Paul Deol Rolls On

Johnny Dai and Mike Martin squared off heads up after KO-ing myself Darren Kennedy in 3rd, but rather than play it out they chopped the $950 and called it a day. Mike Martin was on a rebuy so there were no points left to play for. Paul Deol, fresh off winning Event #1 finished in 5th and added a whopping 5,000 points to his total and retains a big lead in the points race. We had 79 buyins for the event.


I myself finished 3rd after amassing an amazing amount of chips early and then coasting until losing a flip for half my stack with about 12 left and having to scrape and claw to ladder up to third spot. I was fortunate several times. Most people remember their bust-out hands, I prefer to remember where I got in bad and got lucky. In the first hour I was all in pre flop versus Garry Juvelin with me having him covered by just 500 chips. It looked grim with my KK up against Garry’s AA. But a door card King got me going and then just two hands later my AA held vs Mike Bigelow’s flopped flush draw and it was off to the races. Sometimes the cards play themselves and sometimes you just get lucky. Never forget that in tournament poker. Later on at the final table I failed to notice Norm Dergousoff had raised in early position by quietly pushing in his stack. I was in the SB and moved all in with garbage expecting the BB to fold. However my garbage spiked a pair vs Norm’s AK and I got lucky once again.


The finishers were: Johnny Dai ($950), Mike Martin ($950, rebuy), Darren Kennedy ($520), Lance Murdoch ($370), Paul Deol ($300), Harry McWilliams ($240, rebuy), Norm Dergousoff ($180, non-league), Ray Rohrback ($140), Rick Rohrback ($100), Roger Grosset ($100), Kent Senko, Stan Zatylny, Guido McEvoy, Hal Bellingham, Mike Menke, Mark Juvelin, Rob Sims, Ramiro Dominguez, Jason Nadeau (rebuy), Dave Sims, Dan Molatore, Chris Fraser, Tyler Marples, Todd Breneis, Eric Ruttan.


September 23, 2014: Paul Deol Wins Event #1 for Third DHPL Title

The 10th season of the Die Hard Poker League kicked off with a bang. 85 buy-ins and so far 67 league members. Before the poker there was good fun had on the golf course with sharks Everett “par par parWicklund and Jamie “I can’t play on the front nine, but once money is on the line I am golden” Hucul” showing the rest of us how its done.


A small hiccup at the start of poker due to me forgetting the cards but luckily I live way closer now so it only delayed us about 10 minutes. Once the cards were in the air there were many suckouts, but no Guy yours was nowhere near the worst (AA < AJ on JXX board). Try asking Scott Brynen who lost when he got 33 all in on flop of T34 vs AT.


When it came down to the end Paul Deol and Steve McClarty were heads up and quickly came to a deal. They had to flip for the win and Paul was our winner notching his 3rd career DHPL win tieing him for 3rd all time with only Rod Smith and Al Deleon with 4 ahead of him,


The finishers were: Paul Deol ($1090), Steve McClarty ($990, playing for Howard Holt), Eric Ruttan ($570, re-entry), Trevor Massey ($420, re-entry), Mike Bigelow ($330), Cory Breland ($250, playing for Brant Taylor), Steve Tamboline ($200), Mike Twitchell ($150), Mike Courtney ($100), Mike Martin ($100), Adam Livesey (playing for Ramiro Dominguez), Rob Sims, Sien Vongnaraj (non-league), Dean Kilback, Chris Genge, Rick Rohrback, Kai Picard (playing for Mike Felhauer), Mike Honeyman, Garry Juvelin, Nick Simon, Bob DeForest.




September 10, 2014: Event #1 This Saturday 7pm!

First poker tourney of the season. Note the DAY: SATURDAY. This is it. We start it off in style. Please arrive by 6:30pm so we can get everyone bought in on time. You need to bring $200 for this event which includes $50 for cash, $50 league fee for Event 1, $50 league fee event #9 and $50 league fee for event #10. Anyone wishing to pay the full $500 league fees up front at Event #1 and just bring $50 per event is more than welcome to. We usually have 6-7 guys that like to do that.


Also please note that we look to have close to 80 league members this year so PLEASE try and arrive early so that we can handle all of the buy-ins and start on time. Drop-ins are as always welcome, but if you know of any players coming as drop-ins only, please email me and let me know so I can be prepared for numbers. If you are in the league and know you can't make it please let me know and/or send a spare.


League members require $200 for this event, drop-ins pay $60.

Next Future Event: Event #2
Date Time: 7:00pm Friday October 3, 2013


There are also 16 players set to golf this Saturday pre-tourney.


Golf will tee times start at 11:48am. I tried to put people together that requested it to the best of my abilities. Please show up with plenty of time to spare. The foursomes are as follows:






Ben Walker

Darren Kennedy

Mike Bigelow

Andrew Krywaniuk

John Forsythe

Mark Juvelin

TJ Johnston

Everett Wicklund

Grant Willis

Jamie Hucul

Jeff Scott

Dyaln Ruocco

Guy Bottin

Kent Nguyen

Mike Mittermuller


Looking forward to seeing everyone, hitting the links and dealing some cards. Good to be back,


August 26, 2014: Players Confirmed for Coming Season


These are the names of the guys I know committed to playing this upcoming seasons Die Hard Poker League. If your names not on here and you would like it to be, just let me know via email (darrenkennedydk@gmail.com)


Returning Players from Previous Seasons

New Players

Unconfirmed from Last Season


Andrew Creed

Mark Juvelin

Chris Genge

Johnny Dai


Andrew Krywaniuk

Mike Bigelow

Darcy Woodward



Ben Walker

Mike Farnese

Dean Somerville



Bob DeForest

Mike Felhauer

Derrick Shum


Brant Taylor

Mike Menkes

Harry McWilliams


Brent Senko

Mike Mittermuller

Kent Nguyen



Bruce Lawson

Mike Twitchell

Mike Martin



Bruce McCallum

Mo Pannun

Paul Laza



Chris Fraser

Nick Simon




Chris Nishi

Paul Deol

Darcy W +9



Colin Genge

Ramiro Dominguez




Dan Molatore

Ray Rohrback




Darren Kennedy

Richard Wardroper




Dave Sims

Rick Rohrback




Dean Hilts

Rob Sims




Dylan Ruocco

Roger Grosset




Elton Ngan

Scott Brynen




Eric Ruttan

Steve Tamboline


Not Returning


Everett Wicklund

TJ Johnston


Ashley Samborski


Garry Juvelin

Trevor Massey


Eric Chong


Guy Bottin

Tyler Marples


Gerald Samborski


Howard Holt



Kai Picard


Jamie Hucul



Mario Baptista


Jason Nadeau





Jeff Scott





John Forsythe





Kal Kooner





Kent Senko





Lance Murdoch





Larry Williams





August 12, 2014: Golf Saturday September 13th 11:48am - 12:28pm tee times.

Here are the 13 players in for golf so far. I have 6 tee times so room for 24. Anyone else want in? First come first serve or I will open the tee times up. If your name isn't on the list below I don't know you wanted in for golf.


1.      Andrew Krywaniuk

2.      Ben Walker

3.      Brant Taylor

4.      Darren Kennedy

5.      Everett Wicklund

6.      Jamie Hucul

7.      John Forsythe

8.      Mark Juvelin

9.      TJ Johnston

10.  Dylan Ruocco

11.  Guy Bottin

12.  Kent Nguyen

13.  Mike Mittermuller

14.  Jeff Scott

15.  Grant Willis

16.  Mike Bigelow


Like last year we are moving to a Saturday kickoff date (Sept 13th) with some pre poker golf beforehand. I have 6 tee times booked between 11:48am and 12:28pm for the Saturday of the first event. 12 spots are taken and 12 remain open. Get them quick!


August 12, 2014: $200 Buyin Tourney Results

We had a 27 person turnout and 7 rebuys to build a nice $6800 prizepool.

Everett Wicklund and Garry Juvelin chopped first place for $2000 a piece before Garry took down the win. Kent Senko finished 3rd for $1000, Elton Ngan 4th for $800, Bobby Gagnon 5th for $600 and myself Darren Kennedy 6th for $400. Congrats to all the winners


August 12, 2014: League List

I want names of all those expecting to play this year. I have most of my returning players respond already but there are a bunch of new people I am expecting and do not have names for. So please if you know of people wanting to join this year try and get me their names.


From last year I only know of Kai Picard and the 7 players that dropped out partway through the season that are supposedly not returning. Most of the rest of you have confirmed that you are returning. I would like to hear from the following players if they are returning: Ashley Samborski, Eric Chong, Gerald Samborski, Johnny Dai, Kyle Pendree, Larry Williams and Richard Wardroper on if you are coming back.


I have updated the website with league dates and will soon put up a list of those confirmed for this coming season.


August 12, 2014: Get Ready for another DHPL Season

Hello Die Hard Poker Players,


The dates are set. I would at this point like to know who is coming back. If you haven't already let me know please reply and let me know you are in. The same goes for any new players that wish to sign up for the league this year.


There have been a couple suggested and I will send a separate email for this.


Like last year we are moving to a Saturday kickoff date with hopefully some pre poker golf beforehand. I have 6 tee times booked between 11:48am and 12:28pm for the Saturday of the first event. First 24 people that reply will get the tee times.


Proposed Events:

Event #1: Saturday Sept 13

Event #2: Friday Oct 3

Event #3: Friday Oct 24

Event #4: Friday Nov 14

Event #5: Friday Dec 5

Event #6: Friday Jan 9

Event #7: Friday Jan 23

Event #8: Friday Feb 13

Event #9: Friday Mar 6

Event #10: Friday Mar 20

LEAGUE FINAL: Friday April 10


But for now if you already know you will be returning to the league or joining as a member for the first time, please email me back and let me know.