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Updated: March 20, 2019



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Season 14 - 2018/19

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Date Time: NOON Saturday, April 6, 2019

Location: Arizona Room, Eaglequest Coyote Creek Golf Club, 7778 152nd Street Surrey, BC

Darren: darrenkennedydk@gmail.com


Tourney Dates

  1. xSaturday, September 8
  2. xFriday, September 14
  3. xFriday, October 12
  4. xFriday, October 26
  5. xFriday, November 16
  1. xFriday, December 14
  2. xFriday, January 11
  3. xFriday, February 8
  4. xFriday, February 22
  5. xFriday, March 15

LEAGUE FINAL Saturday, April 6, NOON

2018 WSOP $10,000 Main Event and

2018 WSOP NLH $1000 or $1500 Event Rio in Las Vegas

League members require $50USD or $70 CAD for league fees and $100 for the cash portion, and non-league members need to bring $100. There will also be a $100 last-longer for anyone thatís interested and up to one re-entry for $100. There are no add-ons.


March 20, 2019: Mark McKinney beats Abe Leiren to win Event #10, Dan Molatore Locks up League Points and Guaranteed Seat

In the final event of the year there was some drama remaining from the points race. With Dan Molatore sitting in the pole position, his 4 chasers were Everett Wicklund, Dave Collier, Andrew Krywaniuk and Doug Cornelson. Everett would bow out early and Dave Collier would fall in the middle of the tourney. When Dan Molatore got 1,000 points that ended Doug Cornelsonís faint hopes of passing him leaving Andrew as the only obstacle left. Andrew would now need 8,000 points to tie Dan and beat him on tie breaker. Andrew made it interesting, nearly reaching the final table but ultimately fell in 13th place, outlasting Dan by 9 spots but only an extra 500 points.


As for the others, there were lots of people looking to win some money and add chips to their league final start stack. Abe Leiren and Jason Nadeau hadnít pointed all year and they locked up 8,000 and 3,500 points respectively while Mark McKinney took down the big prize of 10,000 points.


League final is coming up soon. The seat draw will take place at the Horse final and be posted the following day. Pleasae verify your points prior to the Final. If there are any questions or discrepancies let me know as soon as possible so I can investigate. Waiting until the day of the tournament is not a good idea.


If you know you wonít be coming to the final please also let me know.


February 24, 2019: Scott Wilson Beats Dan Cassidy to Win Event #9

Scott Wilson came away victorious after winning a key pot 3 handed versus Martin Sayle and then outlasting Dan Cassidy heads up.


February 10, 2019: Bruce Lawson wins Event #8 After 4 way chop

Bruce Lawson took first and the 10,000 points after chopping the money up 4 ways between Everett Wicklund, Mike Schubert and Dylan Ruocco.


January 23, 2019: Kevin Sampson wins Event #7, Andrew Krywaniuk finishes Second.

Another great turnout and this event saw Kevin Sampson take down first place outlasting Andrew Krywaniuk for the title after chopping the money for $2,000 each. The race for first heated up some more as Dan Molatore pointed for 1,000 points to help extend his lead, but Dave Collier finished in 5th and took home 4,500 points meaning Dan now sits at 28,000 and Dave at 26,800. The race for first is very tight.


The in-the-point finishers were: Kevin Sampson ($2,000), Andrew Krywaniuk ($2,000), Georg Jancev ($1,250), Kelly Lange ($950), Dave Collier ($750), Frank ($550, non-league), Mike Taylor ($400), Rob Sims ($300), Nikola Mitevska (non-league), Sam Raz ($250, non-league), Ramiro Dominguez ($200), Eric Ruttin ($200), Scott Wilson ($200), Mike Twitchell, Everett Wicklund, Kelli Cera, Garry Juvelin, Dan Molatore, Jim Prime, Rick Rohrback, Michelle Owen, Doug Cornelson, Mike Farnese, Shawn Lange, Deepak Bhasin.


December 17, 2018: Dave Collier wins Event #6, his second win this season.

Dave Collier won Event #6 and took home $2150, dominating the final table. Mark Juvelin won second place and Dan Molatore returned from Event #5ís first place with a solid third place and second in points. Event #6 saw 88 entries which was our lowest of the season, not surprising given the closeness to Christmas.

The in-the-point finishers were: Dave Collier ($2150), Mark Juvelin ($1600, non-league), Dan Molatore ($1100), Pat Woelk ($850), Bruce Lawson ($650, rebuy), Everett Wicklund ($500), Jason Wells ($400, non-league), Alyssa Webber ($300), Mike Mittermuller ($250), Kelly Lange ($200), Georg Jancev ($200), Chris Nishi ($200), Don Tran ($200, non-league), Chris Fraser, Pater Singh (non-league), Deepak Bhasin, Mike Honeyman, Mo Pannun, Christina Armstrong (non-league), Roger Grosset, Hal Fellingham, Eric Ruttan, Kelly Cera, Ivan Mahood, Vesna Jancev (non-league), Ray Rohrback, Dave Brunham (rebuy), Rob Sims (rebuy), Mark McInney, Terry Goode (non-league), Mike Twitchell, Keith Fisher.


November 19, 2018: Dan Molatore and Tony Washburn chop Event #5. Dan takes the 10,000 points.

In a long 4 handed battle where the lead changed hands multiple times, ultimately Tony Washburn and Dan Molatore were able to outlast Jordan Kroeker and Dan Cassidy to chop this thing heads up.


The in-the-point finishers were: Dan Molatore ($2,100), Tony Washburn ($2,000, non-league), Jordan Kroeker ($1,300), Dan Cassidy ($950), Mike Farnese ($750), Dave Slater ($600), Mike Twitchell ($400), Chris Fraser ($300), Rik Rohrback ($200), Shawn Lange ($200), Ramiro Dominguez ($200), Bobbi Frost ($200), Tosca Lueks ($200), Jesse Forster, Alyssa Webber, Mark Johnson, Brent Miscisco, Johnny Dai, Darren Hindley, Trevor Massey, Doug Chysik, Kent Senko, Nick Simon, Jeff Hall, Chris Middleton.


November 12, 2018: Steve Tamboline bests Roger Grosset headsup. Roger gets 10,000 points as Steve was on rebuy

Standings page has been updated. Writeup, alltime stats, fantasy and Horse event results to come soon.


Steve Tamboline won Event #4 on a rebuy which is similar to Event #1 when he chopped the money and came 2nd to Doug Cornelson but also on a rebuy. Though he didnít get any points he does have lots of dough as a consolation prize. Congrats also to Stan Zatylny who has now pointed in all 4 events this year.


There was some controversy at the final table when Steve put a single chip in from the small blind attempting to limp to the BB. Problem was Andrew Creed had already gone all in from early position. The big blind folded and both Andrew Creed and the dealer assumed it was an all in and call and started to bring out the flop, turn and river. I was nearby and saw what was happening as the table told Steve to turn his cards over and he had the look of Ďwhat the hell is happeningí. I came over and made the ruling. A single chip does not constitute a call anymore and there are many examples in both the WSOP and WPT of rulings the same as I made. He was given the choice to fold and surrender the chips or call and see a different board. I have to tip my hat to Andrew Creed who would have been the recipient of his chips. He handled it with class and said he didnít want to win that way. Steve of course was happy to hear the ruling, folded his 92o to Andrews JJ and went on to win the tourney. I mention this ruling as whenever you are in any doubt please stop the hand and call me over. Also, if a single chip is thrown in, it is up to the dealer to confirm that it was a call or not before making any assumptions.


The in-the-point finishers were: Steve Tamboline ($2,400, rebuy), Roger Grosset ($1,700), Andrew Krywaniuk ($1,300), Richard Wardroper ($950), Paul Deol ($750), Darren Barker ($600, non-league), Doug Chysik ($400), Andrew Creed ($300), Abe Leiren ($200, rebuy), Wray Jones ($200), Everett Wicklund ($200), Rik Rohrback ($200), Shawn Lange ($200), Robert Brechin, Ivan Mahood, Ramiro Dominguez, Zac Pihl, Chris Nishi, Mike Bigelow (non-league), Mike Mittermuller, Shaun Ali, Jim Turner, Terry Goode (non-league),, Christine Armstrong (non-league),, Darren Kennedy, Stan Zatylny, Chris Middleton, Scott Wilson.


November 12, 2018: Brant Taylor Wins Event #3 holding off Doug Cornelson

A solid win for Brant Taylor who ran good when it counted most and had a sizable chiplead for a lot of the final table. Brants victory is his 4th in Die hard history to join a small group with 4+ wins. Doug Cornelson had another great showing with a second-place finish to go along with his first place win in Event #1.


The in-the-point finishers were: Brant Taylor ($2,500), Doug Cornelson ($1,700), Chris Fraser ($1,300, rebuy), Mark McKinney ($1,000), Brent Senko ($800, rebuy), Deepak Bhasin ($600), Stan Zatylny ($400), Pat Woelk ($300), Roman Pereyavsky ($200, non-league), Tyler Marples ($200), Dan Cassidy ($200), Terry Goode ($200, non-league), Everett Wicklund ($200), Bobbi Frost (rebuy), Georg Jancev, Vesna Jancev (non-league), Darren Hindley, Doug Crone, Mike Twitchell, Ryan Forester (non-league), Abe Leiren (rebuy), Keith Fisher, Jim Turner, Kelly Lange, Chris McDonell, Lynn Leavens (non-league), Dave Collier, Jesse Forster, Dustin Wilkie (non-league), Zoranco Jancev (non-league), Kevin Sampson, Chris Nishi (rebuy), Kate Mitevska (non-league), Mike Honeyman, Andrew Krywaniuk.


September 15, 2018: Dave Collier takes down Event #2 with no Chop beating Bobbi Frost

Standings page is already updated. Another solid turnout with 97 entries. Dave Collier took down the $2,500 for first place and the 10k points while Bobbi Frost was happy with the 8k points and $1,800 for runnerup.

The in the point finishers were: Dave Collier ($2,500), Bobbi Frost ($1,800), Andrew Krywaniuk (rebuy, $1,300), Jesse Spencer ($950), Nicole Miscisco ($750), Stan Zatylny ($600), Hal Fellingham ($400), Jesse Forster ($300), Paul Deol ($200), Martin Sayle (rebuy, $200), Steve McLarty ($200), Abe Leiren (rebuy, $200), Tyler Marples, Mike Taylor, Garry Juvelin, Alyssa Webber, Trevor Massey (rebuy), Ben Barlow (non-league), Keith Fisher, Kelli Cera, Mike Mittermuller, Chris Fraser, Brad McKibbon, Jeff Hall, Pat Woelk, Andrew Creed, Brent Senko (rebuy), Nikola Mitevski (non-league), Kate Mitevska (non-league), Georg Jancev.


September 9, 2018: Event #1 is Chopped between Doug Cornelson and Steve Tamboline (no points)

Standings page is already updated. We had 95 buyins for our first ever regular season $100 event making the first-place prize massive. Doug and Steve took home $2,200 apiece.


The in the point finishers were: Doug Cornelson ($2,200), Steve Tamboline (rebuy, $2,200), Zoranco Jancev (non-league, $1,200), Dan Molatore ($950), Darren Callaghan (non-league, $700), Robert Brechin, Chris Fraser, Mike Menkes, Mark McKinney, Mike Bigelow (non-league), Doug Chysik, Jesse Forster, Brad McKibbon, Alyssa Webber, Ramiro Dominguez, Scott Brynen, Thomas Davis, Rick Johnson (non-league), Mike Mittermuller (rebuy), Brian Taylor, Darren Kennedy (rebuy), Dave Collier, Jason Wells (non-league), Ivan Mahood.


August 22, 2018: All Dates Confirmed By Eaglequest. They will not change

I have received confirmation from Eaglequest that all dates are good. Please, please, PLEASE verify that you can make the league final date and time before you commit to joining the league.


Interestingly enough there is another poker event (charity) happening in the building same time as our first event, but they are in a different room.


September 5, 2018: Below is the league membership list

We have 100 confirmed league members. We are now full.

We will be taking names for a waitlist for the inevitable dropouts. Last year 11 people that got waitlisted were able to join the league. So far 8 waitlists have made it in.


100 Spots Total Available

96 interested already

80 confirmed former league members rejoining

16 newcomers interested

0 Waitlisted



Returning Players (80)


Newcomers (16)

Dropping Out (10)















































































*Abe Leiren

*Alyssa Webber

*Andrew Creed

*Andrew Krywaniuk

*Ben Walker

*Bob DeForest

*Brant Taylor

*Brent Miscisco

*Brent Senko

*Brian Taylor

*Bruce Lawson

*Chris Fraser

*Chris McDonell

*Chris Middleton

*Chris Nishi

*Colin Genge

*Dan Cassidy

*Dan Molatore

*Darren Kennedy

*Dave Brunham

*Dave Sims

*Dean Hilts

*Deepak Bhasin

*Doug Chysik

*Doug Cornelson

*Doug Crone

*Eric Ruttan

*Everett Wicklund

*Garry Juvelin

*Georg Jancev

*Guy Bottin

*Hal Fellingham

*Ivan Mahood

*James Tichenor

*Jason Nadeau

*Jeff Hall

*Jeff Roberts

*Jesse Spencer

*Jim Prime

*Johnny Dai

*Jordan Kroeker

*Kal Kooner

*Keith Fisher

*Kelli Cera

*Kent Senko

*Mark McKinney

*Marko Pocedic

*Michelle Owen

*Mike Farnese

*Mike Graf

*Mike Honeyman

*Mike Menkes

*Mike Mittermuller

*Mike Taylor

*Mike Twitchell

*Mo Pannun

*Nick Simon

*Nicole Miscisco

*Pat Woelk

*Paul Deol

*Ramiro Dominguez

*Ray Rohrback

*Richard Wardroper

*Rik Rohrback

*Rob Sims

*Robert Brechin

*Roger Grosset

*Ryan McDonald

*Scott Brynen

*Shaun Ali

*Stan Zatylny

*Steve Mclarty

*Steve Tamboline

*Tanya Rafuse

*Thomas Davis

*Tosca Lueks

*Trevor Massey

*Tyler Marples





































*Brad McKibbon

*Dave Collier

*James Turner

*Jesse Forster

*Kevin Sampson

*Martin Sayle

*Peter Singh

*Ryan Thorpe

*Scott Wilson

*Wray Jones

*Tennesee Fafard

*Zac Pihl

*Glenn Burns

*Darren Hindley

*Bobbi Frost

*Kelly Lange






(for when people dropout)


Allan Foster

Buddy Lane

Darren Callaghan

Jamil Jutha

Jeff Scott

Mark Juvelin

Mark Scott

Mike Bigelow

Mitch McNichol

Travis Wiens

Zack Page




Darren Kennedy

Rik Rohrback

Tyler Marples

Ben Walker


Rob Sims

Guy Bottin


August 8, 2018: Updated Info on the League

1. I will only email people using BCC so we don't get the reply-all problems happening anymore. Hope that makes some people happy :)


2. Dates have changed. Several of the dates had issues in that they were on SuperBowl weekend, during kidís winter break and during kidís spring breaks. Therefore, the backend of the schedule has changed. These dates are now solid. I am just awaiting confirmation from eaglequest to lock it up 100% so please look carefully at the end of the year date and make sure it works for you.


3. Still waiting to hear from 3 league members from last year

Jeff Scott

Jim Prime Ė he is returning according to Alyssa

Mike Graf


I have sent emails out to all of these guys but have not yet heard back from them. If anyone who knows them can ask them if they are in again for next year or not and let me know that would be amazing.


We have 83 returning league members, 13 new players. 4 spots remain and priority goes to the 3 league members I have yet to hear from so officially we currently have one spot remaining, though I know from past experience that 3-4 of the people that say they are playing will drop out over the next month.


4. $3300 USD in prize money from Guy Bottin's awesome cash in the Main Event. Everyone from last year gets a whopping $30 USD back. I would like to suggest that anyone that is returning leave their $30 in the prize pool and we give away two extra seats that only last years members would be eligible to win. So the top 2 placing members from last year that don't win a regular prize would get these bonus prizes. Any member from last year that is not returning may still claim their $30 USD from me.


5. Golf on the Saturday. I need help from someone to try and organize as I am still over here in Europe until August 29th. I suggest we need to be finished no later than 4pm and need 5 tee times. If not at Coyote Creek, then somewhere nearby. Anyone can look into this?


6. Shirts, hats, whatever. Looking for someone creative that wants to create a Die Hard Poker logo so that we can get some shirts, hats, and patches made. I would love to have a bunch of us wearing league stuff down at the WSOP next year. First things first though, we need a logo.


7. Those that are on the wait list (13 of you): I have cutoff the initial wait list, so you are all guaranteed a spot. Welcome to the league. If there are other people you guys know of that want in please get me their names asap as we are now on a first come, first served basis for any remaining new league members joining. I have no doubt we will hit 100 players this year, so DO NOT WAIT, get your names in now. 


8. Facebook Group. There is a facebook group called "Die Hard Poker League". If you use facebook, please join the group. It will be a good way to communicate with league members. I will add events on Facebook for all of our League Events and any other special events. It will also really help people put names to faces.


9. HORSE! Jason Nadeau is working on setting up a 5 event HORSE tournament similar to what we do with the DHPL. More info to come in then next few weeks.


10. Finally SUBS or SPARES are GONE. There will be no more subs or spares in the Die Hard league. Nearly everyone misses an event or 2, that is just the way it will be. With no spares it will make it easier for me to track bust-outs and award a few more points out to people. As such I have decided that we will give points to 22 people now instead of 18. Hope that helps alleviate some of the concern of losing your one spare.


New points system will be:

1. 10000

2. 8000

3. 6500

4. 5000

5. 4500

6. 4000

7. 3500

8. 3000

9. 2500

10. 2000

11-14. 1500

15-18 1000

19-22. 500  


This will increase number of points awarded per event from 50,500 to 61,000. In addition to 4 extra spots we are all giving more points in the 5-10th place spots.


Only one month to go!!!


July 26th, 2018: The 14th Season of the Die Hard Poker League

Ladies and Gentlemen.


The 14th version of the Die Hard Poker League will be starting up in September. There are many things to deal with but first and foremost is the scheduled Dates.


The first Event will be on Saturday, September 8th and will start at 6pm.


All other events will be on Fridays and start at 7pm. Proposed schedule is:


1. 6pm Saturday, Sept 8

2. 7pm Friday, Sept 14

3. 7pm Friday, Oct 12

4. 7pm Friday, Oct 26

5. 7pm Friday, Nov 16

6. 7pm Friday, Dec 14

7. 7pm Friday, Jan 4

8. 7pm Friday, Feb 1

9. 7pm Friday, Feb 15

10. 7pm Friday, March 15

FINAL. Noon Saturday March 30


Rule changes and change requests. If you have any other rule change requests please send them to me via email and I will compile them and consider them.


Rule Changes Being considered:

1. I had previously said I would remove the option for one substitute this year and make it no subs at all. I am still leaning towards doing so in spite of the fact I myself will miss at least two events. If you are passionate about this change please email me and explain why it is so important to keep it.


Rule Changes 100% being implemented:

1. The tournament entry for the cash portion of the tournies will be increased to $100 entry fee. This is double what we have been doing in the past, but I have wanted to increase it for awhile and a lot of people have requested this move. That combined with the sheer volume in players we have I think means this will be a good move.


2. New league members will be required to pay the full $500 USD league fee at first event. The bulk of the players that drop out are first time members. To prevent this we will force all league members to pay up in full at the first event.


3. I will collect a list of all new members planning to join and we will give out league spots in a lottery as it is clear we will be well over 100 league members. If you are a potential new league member send me your name and I will start a list. Two weeks from now I will stop the list and send out a list of who has been tentatively accepted. This also means if you played last year you are guaranteed a spot but must let me know to be sure I hold the spot for you.


4. Breaks will now be every 80 minutes instead of the past 80 minutes to first break and then break every 60 minutes after that.


Please note I am in the Netherlands for the rest of the summer (until August 29th) so I prefer to communicate by email.


That is it for now